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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to do to own a puppy from Royal Palms Cotons?
We are happy that you are interested in one of our puppies. All litters are planned; therefore all puppies are sold before they are born. You will need to contact us by email . Please also include a phone number where we can also reach you at. If both parties agree to terms and conditions, you will need to send us a deposit to hold your puppy. You will be placed on a list and will be regularly updated on the mother’s progress and notified of labor and birth. We will send out pictures of new babies to you and you will have pick according to your preference (male/female) and the order on waiting list you are on. If all paperwork and all payment was received first, you will have first pick and so forth.
2. Can you ship my new puppy to me if I live in another state or country?
Royal Palms will not cargo ship any puppies. We do have a stork service available if you are too far to make the trip to visit us. A stork service is a person who will travel with the puppy in the cabin like any other passenger and will hand deliver the puppy to you at the airport of your choice or at your front door. We will give you the contact information of the stork service.
3. Will my puppy be registered? Yes.
All of our puppies at Royal Palms Cotons will be registered with the American Coton Club and the United Kennel Club with a limited registration. A limited registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. When the puppy is approximately 6-8 months (depending on your vet), the puppy must be neutered or spayed. We only sell pet quality Cotons for companion purposes in order to bring you years of happiness and to maintain the health of the Coton de Tulear. Breeding is a serious commitment and involves a lot of emotional triumphs and struggles. At Royal Palms Cotons we have taken it very serious to do the best for this breed so that individuals like yourselves have a puppy that will turn into an adult with a lifetime of good health and joy to share with you. They are considered the anti-stress dog in France and we do not want you to have to deal with any stress because your dog is not healthy. We will strive always for happy, healthy puppies so they can become, happy, healthy dogs!
4. What do you feed your dogs?
At Royal Palms Cotons we personally feed our dogs Nature’s Variety freeze dried raw with kibble and Nature’s Variety canned food along with other natural supplements to maintain appearance and health. You will leave with a list of the food and supplements suggested for your new puppy.
5. How can you ever adequately explain the joy of owning a Coton De Tulear? 

Due to their sweet and funny nature there is always joy and love expressed through the eyes of a coton. You will feel important since they make you feel loved and special all the time. Owning a coton means there is more love, fun, excitement, and laughter in your home.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy and available to answer any other questions you may have.





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